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KABIR – “God’s Gift”

Posted on Apr 29, 2018 by in USA | 0 comments

KABIR is a rap artist, born in the city of, Hyattsville Maryland, who also has roots in the southern town of Shelby, North Carolina. He currently resides and is creating music in the DMV area. He has been actively creating music since he was thirteen years old, taking an interest in the genre at a young age. His history with the rap genre began with his brother L.A. Webber in New York, recording in their Uncle’s basement on Sterling Ave in Brooklyn New York inspired him at a young age to make music and create his art. KABIR merges rap, song, and harmonization to create a new sound, letting his records and the creation of them take on their own life as they are being produced.

You will be unappreciated, you will be sabotaged, you will experience surprise failures, your expectations will not be met, you will lose, you will fail, you will find dissatisfaction in your work, when all this happens change your definition of success. Success is peace of mind; Which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort , to do your best to become the best you, you are capable of becoming & when they switch up on you forgive them, but never forget how they tried to play you. Barakallahu feekum… KABIRMODE COMING SOON

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